Sturbridge Growth Partners (SGP) Inc. was founded in 2017 by Lisa S. Thompson. SGP is a cutting-edge model for delivering high-impact, cost-effective consulting to clients. We are a collection of independent consultants with extensive experience in world-class consulting firms. Unlike many consulting firms, we have zero overhead. Our independent consultants have a history of collaboration and know how to work effectively and efficiently to address our clients most pressing challenges. Our clients pay for the advice and answers they need from the people most equipped to help them. That means the highest caliber practical advice at the lowest total cost.




Make decisions to position the corporation and its business units to create competitive advantage and drive above-average financial performance.  This means::

  • Setting the right financial goals and objectives for the corporation and its business units
  • Targeting and serving customers in ways that drive disproportionate advantage in the market
  • Outlining growth plans (organic or inorganic) that exploit the corporation's strengths and incorporate its constraints
  • Executing on a collective set of activities and capabilities that competitors cannot replicate 



Maximize and sustain gross profits through proactive short- and long-term pricing strategies.  This means:

  • Identifying costs that are relevant to pricing decisions
  • Creating a price menu that drives competitive advantage
  • Developing practical pricing policies that enable sales people and customers to ‘get to yes’ profitably



Win more customer deals and increase gross profit through more effective structuring of customer deals and negotiating more effectively. This means:

  • Understanding your customer’s business model and how to influence it to drive a financial win for you and your customers
  • Monetizing your scarce resources
  • Reallocating costs that customers aren’t willing to pay for  



Understand why and how your customers buy and identify product and service offerings tailored to drive economic value for you and your customers. This means:

  • Segmenting customer markets to exploit your competitive advantage
  • Creating offerings for customers that help their businesses grow and increase profits
  • Learning what drives value for your customers & how much it costs NOT to do business with you